In few words...

Caroline, French, 32 years old, wanderlust-er, traveler fond of yoga, that's me! I used to work in sustainable development and became a yoga teacher in 2015.

Why yoga ?

When I started yoga I embraced a beautiful journey that I hope will never end. I discovered it at a difficult time in my life. Yoga was no miracle solution, but it did help me to find the strength and peacefulness I needed to align the "what I love" with the "what I do".

What is the Yoginist about ?

I not only want to share my passion for yoga on the mat as a teacher but also online; to go beyond borders, to share the other aspects of a modern yogi life. Yoga is not only about the asanas, the postures, but also about the awareness of our own body as we walk down the street, of our mind when we feel stressed, of the echo that our thoughts have inside us. 

I embrace a certain way of living with teaching yoga; healthier eating habits, cultivating nurturing moments by simply listening to great music or meeting inspirational people and traveling the world.

What is my background ?

In 2005 I left school with uncertain dreams and wishes though I knew I wanted to do something "good" for me, for others and for the environment. I studied and worked in the field of sustainability for 10 years which took me to Paris, Shanghai and London. It was an exciting adventure but I was missing that vibration that would come from that feeling of actually making an impact in life. After listening to my heart, I now do what I love.

A decade later, approaching my 30's (thirties crisis, does it exist?!) I quit my job, my Shanghai life and "Shamily" (read Shanghai family) to embark on a journey that could really impact other people’s life and mine. On my way back to France, i took a month off to do my teacher training with the incredible people of Yoga Arts in Bali, and started teaching friends, friends of friends and many more !

Just as much as I wanted to study a field that would promote the values of consciousness, awareness, respect of others life and of our environment, I decided to do what would resonate in me, vibrate in my heart and maybe some others hearts too.

Welcome in my yogi world.