WATCH: Why we breathe. A yoga documentary.

On my search of why do we do yoga ? What attracts us in this practice ? How different our paths are ? I found this beautiful documentary online. It features great teachers, including the beautiful Briohny Smyth. It combines nicely in my opinion with the Yogis Stories i put online (see here). We all come solo to our mat, and we all come with different bodies, minds, intentions. You will eventually find some interesting similarities between stories.

Feel free to share in the comment section your own experience. I would love hearing about it ! Share your own story.

Love to you all. xx C

WATCH: Story of my "new life" : the french documentary "En quete de Sens"

Just watched this great documentary made by two frenchies looking for more wisdom and meaning in their lifes. They go around the world, meet the great infuencers Vananda Shiva, Satish Kumar, Hervé Kempf, Marianne Sébastien, Trinh Xuan Thuan, Pierre Rabhi... and come to that conclusion of how much change is needed, but a change coming from the inside before getting to the outside. I think this movie is one of those MUST WATCH movie that each and everyone of us should watch, listen to. Whether you agree, or disagree, you will definitely will come out of it with a richer inside.

This movie is for me the total relfection of what i experienced myself: i felt i needed to do something in line with my values ie respect for the environement, of others, of life but i did not know how to apply it. I studied and worked for almost 7 years in the field of sustainability to finally come to that same conclusion: the change from your inside is so powerful in changing your outside. I did not want to work for a big corporation and be the instrument of making money as Satish Kumar says, but rather wanted to be one creative being, part of that new world our generation is now creating.

Watch it !