BARBADOS : My 30th birthday trip and tips !

Here it is ! Finally ! It has been already a month+ i came back from Barbados but i am still feeling the bliss of this memorable trip. My mind is definitely still a bit there and writing this post is extending a bit more my trip...

I will give you here my honest opinion of the places i have visited or stayed.

I booked this trip early March seeing my 30th birthday approaching and willing to treat myself with a well due/deserved trip rather than with any expensive thing i could have think of. I feed myself from traveling and there is nothing i enjoyed more than hoping on an airplane to a faraway destination.

I started my trip on the South coast, as i wanted to split my 10 days between the bustling/happening Barbados and the more remote, quiet part of it on the East coast.


1- Anne's Airbnb (South coast)

I made the choice as i started my trip alone, to book an Airbnb, and i made the right choice ! It was the BEST Airbnb experience i ever had ! I booked this place. It is located 10 minutes walk away from the beach and is in a safe area (not that actually i found any places really dangerous but as a solo traveler you should always be careful). It is a quiet neighborhood were most British "expats" live. The house is pretty and has a big garden around. But more important, Anne (and her two dogs !) is the best host ! This 70 years old lady will make you feel like you're part of the family.

Places around...

To visit:

Beaches ! I did several but my favorites were Worthing beach and Dover beach.

To eat:

Castaway - my favorite restaurant accessible by foot from the Airbnb. It is on the sea side and offers fresh salads and so on.

2 - Sea-U Guesthouse (East coast)

This was definitely the right choice ! Nestled on the top of a hill on the east coast ie the surfer coast (you won't be able to swim there), this place is very charming. It is in an old two levels wooden house, and mix perfectly well with the surrounding environment and the monkey families it hosts ! This place offers great contrast with the bustling west coast.

Places around ...

To Eat:

There is not much choice but those 3 places were great!

De Garage - the most simple, basic one, yet it has some charm. Get a Banks there and start talking to the regular clients coming there. It will be a memory of a lifetime.

Dina's - it is a little joint located on the seaside right in front of the Mushroom rock (see picture above). It is delicious though definitely overpriced and Dina wasn't in a good mood when i visited.

Atlantis - the restaurant of the hotel is quite nice, the place is friendly and offers concerts once a month. It is well known for its brunch on Sundays.

To visit:

Well there is not much to do around but maybe go take picture of the Mushroom rock, and drive along the east coast. It is beautiful, wild and still very much preserved from tourism.



I would STRONGLY recommend to spend a day a Cobbler's cove hotel on the West coast and stay on the beach nearby. Cobbler's cove is one of those super duper charming boutique hotel with few rooms, only elegant guests and awesome service. It offers great food and cocktails. Go go go!


Bridgetown is not the most charming city but it has some authentic vibe going on. One day i was done and over with suntanning on a beach i decided to take my good camera and wandered in the city center to capture the local atmosphere. It was well worth it.


Renting a car is the best way to explore the island and visit a church, a rum factory, a cave and another beach... in a day, or two. :)

Saint Nicholas Abbey : it is a plantation house, museum and rum distillery. The house was built in 1658 and offers a glimpse of what Barbados was in the colonial times.

St. John's Parish Church : it offers great view of the surrounding valley. I would not mind being buried in the tropics !

Animal Flower Cave: located under the cliffs on the Northern coats, it is the island's lone accessible sea cave. Guides will help you walk through the cave and eventually will allow you swim in one the the natural pool. A fun experience though it remains quite touristy.

Crane resort: this place is huuuuge. Half resort, half private compound, it has a direct access to the sea. Sea there is quite rough, nonetheless you still can enjoy a good swim while sipping coconut water on your sunbed ! A great half day get away from the crowd though keeping the comfort of a luxurious place with also many pools around. Just say you're coming for lunch and they will let you get in for free. Simply stay a bit longer than planned after. But shhh i haven't told you this. ;)

If you have any additonnal places to recommend please share it down here !

Enjoy !