"Hallo ! Ich habe Deutsch gestudiert aber i habe alles vergessen..."

Ok that's all i can say in German basically that i used to brag with some German words but i kind of lost it all.

So ! As part of my design project (my other hat) i got to travel to Berlin last weekend and it was super duper cool. It was a short trip for my first time in Berlin but i got to get a glimpse of the urban/crazy/cool Berlin side accordingly to my friend who took me around there ;). All in all i also managed to do one yoga class (first time in Germany) and wanted to share it with you here !

If i had to describe the city i would say it is urban/cool/very much impregnated by its history. This last aspect jumps to your eyes. Not only because you still have the Berlin wall, but also because you find bullets holes in building, piece of urban furniture designed during the communist era (see for example the green lights little character called Ampelmännchen or the purple Trabant i took in picture, both are beloved symbols of East Berlin) and talking with locals you realize how much the deportation represents a very hurtful chapter in Berliners mind and hearts. 

Districts are very different from each other ... some may make you think of Amsterdam, some other simply are a messy (dirty?) urban jungle. Some have social buildings, some other central Europe historical buildings. It is very interesting from a designer point of view to see so much diversity in one city.

As for yoga i picked a place that was nearby. Was not based on any kind of recommendation, simply going for the most practical option.

So here i was at Spirit Yoga (Mitte studio). They have three studios in town and have a quite various planning of classes. I went with my male friend to the late Sunday Vinyasa level 1-2 class with Alexandra K. Unfortunately the class could not be offered in English so my experience certainly was a bit biased. The class lasted 1h30 and was a bit too slow for me, a lot was being said and no speaking German myself it would be very easy for me to simply lose my attention and start to look around feeling frustrated. The level was more 1 than 2 in term of asana practice, and was more a hatha practice (long standing posture) than a vinyasa in my opinion. So it was not a big success on my side, but my friend who occasionally practice told me he loved all she said about breathing so he could feel how much his breathing had changed in an hour+. I am sure again i missed a lot on that part, and it truly was for sure a relaxing class. So i would advise anyone wishing to have a soft Sunday practice to go to that class. For more action try something else. Next time i am in town i will try something else and will let you know :)

The studio itself is very nice and has a nice offer : 3 classes for 25euros (for first timer). So if you are in town for few days this is ideal!

They have two shalas in Mitte studio (one upstairs with the big halo light in the middle as seen in the pic, and another downstairs with a beautiful wooden structure and big windows on sides).  They also have a little shop with yogis goodies : pants, books, etc. The vibe in the studio is nice and girl at the desk super friendly. That matters a lot to me ! I will be back next time to try more classes.

I got to try three places to eat (next to each others) i highly recommend !

Cocolo Ramen for the best out of Japan ramen (they have a vegetarian option). Truly is yummy. It is a small place and always packed to expect to queue a bit, but grab an Asahi and enjoy the wait, coz it is well WORTH it!

Factory Girl for an easy yummy brunch. That hot chocolate was one of a kind ! More milk than choco yet it was a good one. Few vegetarian/vegan option though.

Shiso Burger for a yummy veggie Burger

Truly awesome vegetarian Burger with marinated tofu, grilled eggplant, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion,mayonnaise and ketchup. I will try to make it at home ! My friend (who's big meat fan) loved it ! So a must try. Served with fresh made sweet potato fries. I also discovered the Fritz Spritz ! Does someone know where to find those in Paris ? It is like apple juice with bubbles. I love those !

I can't wait next time to discover the more fancy side of Berlin. Some parts looks futuristic and could fit in a James Bond movie for sure ! Until next time then !

Also if you have some good places to recommend let me know ! I will check those out next time i am around. Love to you all and happy Sunday :)