Sweet treat : Coconut butter !

To all coconut addicts, this is for you ! I am a huge fan of coconut under its various forms: coconut water, coconut milk, shredded coconut, coconut oil... now i can add to this list coconut butter !

Coconut butter is very different from coconut oil. It has a smooth, and velvety texture. Plus you can simply eat it with a spoon out of the jar. At room temperature it is quite solid, but warming it up for less than a minute in the microwave and it can be as melted as butter can be. I use it a lot on my morning toast under the jam, it is yummy ! You can also add a spoon in your Golden Milk ( i have brought back from New York the very good Gaia Herbs Golden Milk you can simply mix with coconut milk or rice milk).

It is very easy to do (vs. very hard to find here in France in shops). The only challenge here will be to get the adequate consistency to your mixture. The blades of your robot might no catch any coconut flakes after running few minutes. So allow yourself 10-15 minutes or so to patiently scrap down the side of your robot bowl to make the magic happen !


  • Coconut flakes (you need quite a lot to ultimately fill a jar)
  • Coconut oil (one or two teaspoons max.)

Step 1: Mix the flakes, shredded coconut all together, add the coconut oil to make it smooth. Step 2: there is none ! It will take you a good 10 minutes of continuous mixing to get the final product.

You can store your butter for few months in your cupboard, no need to put it in the fridge !

Easier than this you can't do ! Enjoy !