Sunday's egg free/ gluten free pancakes

Ok i also got to wake up with that irresistible envy of pancakes. It is such an eays yet comfy thing to do and eat ! Haha.

I know pancakes recipe are very easy and don't necessarily need a recipe. Anyhow, i wanted to post about this one as it does not use eggs. If you know me already, i am gently but surely turning vegan and taking away the use and consumption of eggs makes me happy. By the way, a quick little note about those saying organic eggs are just fine cause NO IT IS NOT. The only difference with a regular egg is that chickens are not in cage, less per sqm and can have access outside BUT male chicks are still shredded into pieces or suffocated in plastic bags, female chicken are still being killed one year after their first egg laying and they can have their beak cut. Vegan diet is a very personal choice and i respect individual choices. So it's only up to you :)

Anyway back to the topic, those pancakes were AS GOOD if not BETTER than the usual one. You know that adage saying "you are what you eat" right ? Well this makes you feel better inside for sure !

Ingredients (for 1 person):

  • 65g of rice flour
  • 1/2 banana
  • 125 ml rice milk
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • fruits to put in: kiwis, bananas, strawberries,...
  • any flavoring of your wish: vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, ...
  • any toppings of your desire : chocolate syrup, honey, jam, coconut shavings,...

Mix in the rice flour, the 1/3 tsp of baking soda, the 1/3 tsp of salt. Mashed the 1/2 banana on side, it will replace the egg in this recipe. Mix the banana with the flour then gradually pour the milk in the flour while stirring so you avoid lumps. I added myself the vanilla extract but you could also incorporate cinnamon powder.  Cook in a pan with some coconut oil. My little touch is to add straight into the dough in the pan some fruits: kiwis, bananas, and strawberries work very well.

Enjoy this yummy morning recipe !