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Food of a yogin, but foremost of a gourmande. Healthy and less healty tips and ideas.

Slow press or Cold press Juicing trials

Caroline Perrineau

I finally got to try out my slow press (or cold press) juicer and i have to say i love it !

For those who have not heard about it yet, slow juicing is all about juicing ... slowly ! It has benefits in comparison with regular centrifugal juicer as:

  • it preserves the nutrients (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) in your fruits, veggies as it presses slowly and with no heat, avoiding the oxidation of veggies and fruits.
  • it allows a greater extraction, meaning you lose less juice and waste less food.
  • it offers a smoother, refined nectar.
  • it is fun to use as you can almost put any kind of fruit, veggies but also nuts in it and makes yummy juices/milks.
  • on the long term it is still cheaper than buying detox cure for 50EUR+ per day.

I don't like much following marketing trends when it comes to food, and i never did before, but this one i like ! I am slowly turning vegetarian by the look of thing (for ethical reasons mainly) and am looking for more options to eat greens. I found this one fun and i also heard only great feedback about juices fasting: one day off for your digestive system in your week dedicated to drinking juices only. It is some kind of a cleansing and it sounds like a natural way to recover energy while also cleaning your body. I will start this next week actually and will share my experience later on.

I did few trials on the combination of ingredients, and i have been barely disappointed by the taste of it. It is hard to go wrong, especially if you put ginger and lime in almost all of them like i did :) .

Here are some of my favorites so far:

  1. Super green : spinach + kiwi + granny smith+ cucumber + Green Superfood from Amazing grass. It is the most atypical one in the sense it does really taste grass, but feels so good for your body.
  2. The double deck: beetroot (raw) + kiwis + cucumber. It does taste good and looks nice with the beetroot layering the bottom and the kiwis topping it.
  3. Yummy yum: apples + pears + kiwis + ginger + lime. It is classic but effective.

By the way my juicer is a Juicepresso from Jupiter (a German brand). I bought it online for 250EUR . It is one of the slowest (40t/ per minute) and less noisy one and remains within a reasonable price range.