Miam miam !

Finally ! My first post on this page as i found some time to cook, test, approve and write down some easy recipes: 3 kind of juices, 2 super food recipes and an extra one, not so healthy but so yummy to be posted

I will post regularly new culinary findings, food for thoughts, thoughts for food also !

Before starting with the recipe few things i wanted to share:

I am no dietitian but i have been lucky enough to be raised in a family where eating "well and in great variety" is being thought from day 1 so i did not have to look too much into the "mechanics of food": protein, carbs , lipids to eat well. I simply like to know what i eat, where it comes from, try new flavors and kind of food.  I eat with my taste buds, my eyes, my ears, my hands, with my senses and not to forget my heart ! I am not french for nothing !

I am neither a vegetarian but facing the reality of the food industry and its downsides i tend to eat less and less meat and fish as days go by, and i stopped consuming any kind of processed food. I am also careful in the amount of food i buy so i don't waste it after. At the end of the day i strongly believe in the adage saying "you are what you eat" and you hence should eat what yourself are fine with. Not to mention, that beyond the ethical reasons, i noticed a significant change in my capacities and well being in my yoga practice.

Don't misunderstand me though, i don't overthink my food either,  meals should remain an enjoyable time spent relaxing rather than starting to feel guilty and anxious about what is in your plate !

Long story short: variety, tasteful, organic (when needed), ethical, of season, and not to forget curiosity, awareness, creativity, are the ingredients to any good meal. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think of those recipes and add your suggestions to it !