Review: the FeetUp trainer


I got to discover this via Instagram months ago and was very curious about it ! And lucky me i got contacted by Kathrin from FeetUp and her team to try it out !

So after few weeks of trying it out myself and using it in my classes i thought it would be nice to share here my honest review.

Let's start first with a bit of a description of what this is aimed to do: help you do inversions (especially headstand) in a SAFE and EASY manner.

I got to try this funny object that first looks like either like a SM artifact or a geriatric piece of furniture... hmm well i let you make your own opinion of it. :p

I got to try this funny object that first looks like either like a SM artifact or a geriatric piece of furniture... hmm well i let you make your own opinion of it. :p

SAFE yes for sure. It mean 0 pressure on your neck. EASY ? Yes will still need to use some core strength and be strong in your arms. So don't think this will make magic happen. You still will have to work out !

Let's start with the perks:

- it feels very steady and robust. Please note it should be placed against a wall, though i used it myself in the middle of the room and it felt quite safe too. But i recommend if you're really discovering inversions and learning those, to place it against the wall. It is not screwed to the floor and the lifting of the FeetUp off the floor can't be prevented then.

- when upside down, the cushion feels very comfy and there is 0 pressure on the neck. It is a nice sensation. If you ever suffer from neck injuries this is for you.

- from yoga teacher point of view i like it too because usually we would use the wall to teach people to do headstand. Nonetheless what i don't like about this method is that people tend to get lazy and use the wall not only in the case of "if i ever fall", but as a prop to stay steady. Walls should not be here to support you but only make you feel safe. Once you start using the wall that way you might never be able to get rid of it ! And you won't be building the core you need to actually hold the posture in the middle of the room. So this is one main advantage of the FeetUp: once you are upside down your feet won't be on the wall, though you will feel safe. It is then a great way of getting the hang of the posture without using the wall and student can practice on their own without having to have a teacher around.

- it also can be used as prop for other postures like Uttanasana (forward fold), side angle pose, shoulder stretch, etc. The FeetUp will come actually with a big poster suggesting different postures that can be done with it. I have to say some sounds a bit silly (like Bakasana, that i found harder to do than with regular block or on the floor), but on the contrary very useful for other postures mentioned above.

Now the disadvantages:

- it does not look very pretty (even though you have different colors to choose from). It is very well done, made of good materials, but... yes it does look a bit like a geriatric thing and it isn't very pretty. Plus it can't be stored easily in a cupboard. I wished it could be folded to be stored.

- if you are an advanced practitioner it won't allow you to get deeper. It is a great tool to get the hang of some postures but in my opinion it won't help you go further.

To conclude i recommend the use of it for yoga teachers that teach inversions to students, to beginner students that want to explore inversions, or to anyone that has neck or shoulder injuries. Again it won't be magic and will require you to provide some effort to get into headstand (arms strength and bit of core), but once there it will feel easy to stay.

You can find it here (starting price: 129EUR).

Hope this help you if you ever consider to get one !

Happy practice !


Remark: This product was sent to me for free to try. I was not paid to review this product. Review is 100% my honest opinion.