Setting your intention in your practice

Hey there yogis ! If you have already taken one of my class you will remember before the start of every practice i ask you to set an intention (Sankalpa in Sanskrit) for the hour + that we will spend together. You might wonder what it really is and more important why we should set one. Here is my answer.


Intention is pretty related to the idea of objectives and realizing them. It is kind of an agreement you make with yourself to reach those objectives, objectives you set yourself from your heart.

It is very important to bring meaning to your yoga practice in my opinion as it will help you stay focused, determined and patient. Without that intention, it will be easy to lose the thread of your practice, wander and eventually stop. Whereas if you set your intentions, your objectives , and if those are truly coming from you, then you will work continuously towards them.

I know setting intentions can be quite destabilizing at first because we feel it has to have a very deep, complicated meaning, but i always suggest to go for what comes at first in your mind and that makes your heart beat: it could be as much as exercising and feeling better in your body, or being more aware of your sensations, or even dedicating your practice to your beloved cat ! As long as it is heart felt it is all that matters.