My Yoga Music

I though i would take some time to share here with you some of my yoga music playlists, as some of you asked it to me via my Instagram.

So you know i like to do a monthly playlist on Spotify for my yoga classes. I like to mix some traditional mantra chanting or singing bowls with a bit of more upbeat songs to get your energy going.

In general i like my playlist to follow the rhythm of the class, the music should only be here in my opinion to accompany the class, not the opposite. Tempo is very important then, also i found music with no lyrics, or only a few to be more enjoyable, so it does not catch too much your attention.

I put here in direct link my latest playlists :

October playlist 2016

September playlist 2016

I got to prepare also a special playlist for the Lululemon Run/Yoga event organized back in June you can listen to here :

Post Run yoga playlist 2016

You will find them all here.

In general i find the following artists to be the best to follow for their yoga musics:

  • DJ Drez

  • Benjy Wertheimer

  • Max Richter

  • East Forest

  • Shantala

  • Petros and Friends

  • Garth Stevenson

  • Edo and Jo

  • and so many more !!

If you have any suggestion please leave it in the comment section ! I am always on the look for something new and exotic ;)





Caroline Perrineau